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Mopak Cargo International Pvt. Ltd
GPO Box: 4616
Phone: + 00977 1 529682
+ 00977 1 524603
Fax: + 00977 1 523654

Mopak cargo international pvt ltd is one of the respected, an efficient International Moving Services provider from far east, the largest and most respected service provider of moving services world-wide. Over 1000 locations worldwide provide consistent service standards both nationally and internationally.

Owned/franchised operations in 100s of strategic destinations deliver an efficient removal service under the Mopak cargo International banner and our agents - a one-stop shop to many destinations.

Audited agency agreements in over 125 countries allow the execution of removal services on a global basis with a common service level standard.

Move management

Mopak cargo uses state of the modern technology during the move management process, including a satellite tracking system%2